Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Windy Arrival

Well I believe my tercel had its first test of wind endurance today as I made my way to the Banff Centre. There were a few times where I feared the hood of my car was going to fly off into the mountains. But dreamweaver (Car Name because it was the first song I heard driving in it) and I made it safe and sound. It was a beautiful drive down I have to say, the sun was shining and you could see a snow storm working its way through the mountains. Thankfully it was not in Banff!

Not much happened today really. It was just check into housing and we had a dinner orientation with a couple of the ladies here that work with registration. Havnt met Mr. Lum yet but that I am sure will happen tomorrow.

Briefly got to see Richelle! We had a little gift exchange, so cute! I am so happy that she will be here with me during the residency. She is doing a work study with the Walter Phillips Gallery at the centre. Very interesting stuff and I hope to learn more about what she is doing. She gave me a notebook to start off the time in Banff with a small quote that of course is completely related to my work/life its - Love is not consolation. It is light- Friedrich Nietzche.

I unfortunately have no photos to share, the one thing I forgot at home was my Iphone cord, and my camera charger... So photos to come!

Ended up having a beer with a few people from the residency after dinner and we watched the Juniors lose their semi - idiots. Anyways, some very intersting stories from people here a lot have their masters degrees already and of course they all come from very interesting and diverse backgrounds. Cant wait to meet everyone tomorrow and see who I am working with. Also did I mention I have to give an artist talk on Friday?! Scary

I am off to bed, my roommate just arrived and its time to work out some of the living arrangements together.

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