Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mid Week Fragmentation

I made something!

Seems silly but I had a huge block when it came to creating anything even with this beautiful studio I have. Took a little talking to from LUM to get me going. I had my first studio visit with him yesterday and it went fairly well, I wish I could have had something to show him but as I mentioned before, lack of production in my studio recently. We chatted about my approach to art and why I am here, since I was questioning that from the beginning and it was clearly evident beyond my own self knowledge. He made some things clear for me and just in speaking with him I felt a bit more confident ( although you may disagree, I am constantly self doubting (perhaps one of my best/worst qualities)) So, I made some things and it felt good, although I am not happy with them as pieces they are out of me and in front of me to critique. Now, I can finally move forward.

On another note, my proposed work is moving along just swell. Most of it is in the wood shop so I have been down there a few times now making fine strides. I was hoping to push forward yesterday but the shop was closed due to a safety meeting of some sort. Photos to come :) ps. if anyone has a 6V adaptor to donate please let me know.

Odd news today though, I some how got an eye infection! I just don't understand how and the doctor of course didn't help me out much. I had to go to the emergency room, waited some length of time which did not bother me as I have over time acquired skills in sleeping at a vertical. Had to do an eye test which has been years for me! Funny enough I was 20/16 then and I still am now which is reassuring and an interesting personal factoid you can now know about me. I got a drop that stung, and a drop that dyed my eye orange (stand back boys) he took a look and decided there was nothing in my eye, diagnosed it as an infection (ew) and away I went with some drops in hand and a big orange ring around my eye. My only complaint (thus far) is that he sent me out of the emergency room giving me no knowledge of the orange cyclops I had become, seriously help a sister out! I walked a few blocks and even ordered a coffee before I realise my horrid new choice of eye make up.

In Regards to the Seminar:
We had a good conversation today with LUM in the seminar. We have two seminars a week with him, the first entailing conversations around a specific reading we are given and the second on any topic of the groups choice. Today,
  • we started with how art was affected within the recent Occupy demonstrations
  • progressing us to attempt to describe the Art World in a contemporary light and our positions within it or rather our cultural position in society
  • We discussed queer art, and the reality that if there were no queer art the Art World would be quite dismal
  • mid way it was stated that all artists are prostitutes
  • which led us to an ending question of doyou want your art to be in the context of high contemporary art... to which LUM stated our answer could only be YES otherwise why were we here?

Which as you have all seen in my past post I am sure, that I was questioning why I am here. It is healthy I guess, since if I were not questioning, then I would not be moving forward.

And I leave you now with some writing, poetry perhaps, I am unsure of what it is other than my own thoughts. Recorded in small books which you will see me carrying - always.

There must be a reason
Why I am still here
and you are not
I just wanted you to know
That I don't know
And I think that is ok


  1. Hi Meagan,
    yet again i am intrigued and entertained by your latest blog! You really do write so well, and oh so funny too! I can well imagine your feelings of 'do I measure up here?...' it reminded me of when I took my first classes at UofC and how daunting it all felt to me compared to all of my classmates with their university degrees and me with nothing but a yearning to belong! Anyway, all I can say is that you are a brave woman and that each and every day will make you braver! We are all gunning for you :) So just see where this all takes you and enjjoy the ride! Sending you many hugs from the Sacco Clan xoxo

    1. Thanks for checking in on me! Also glad my blog is not floating aimlessly in cyber space. It is daunting having intellectuals look at you funny because your dialogue does not consist of words 10+ letters but then again there is the beauty of the learning curve. I am soaking it up. It is refreshing sometimes too, and I know if you made it through I could only hope to one day have a loving family and happy life as you do. I am feeling those hugs! Hope to see you soon :)

  2. Maybe you should hang out more with some of the elementary kids in Banff, because they aren't typically known to use 10+ letters per word! Some "intellectuals" forget to actually communicate! Remember that! :) Hang in there Meagan, and you will obtain everything and more that you have ever dreamed of! xo