Monday, 9 January 2012

A sweet reunion with reality

So I had forgotten my cameras and was deterred from posting because of that. I feel rejuved in the ability to write but left quite daunt in my position at the residency. Lets back up a bit though...

I left you last with our orientation and introduction day. From there we were given the day or so to finalize a 10 minute artist presentation for the multiple areas within the center to view and learn a bit about us and our practice. This seems like a simple enough task, and I wasnt too concerned but I was overcome with stress because of it and the more I found out about the people I am participating with. They are all so well versed and dynamic in their education, I think I am one of the few that does not have a Masters. I know I am one of the youngest. SO I believe I put together a constructed presentation but do not believe it was my best showing, as nerves got the best of me and the inability to speak without people questioning if I had parkinsons definitely left me doubting my credibility.

After the presentation, I ended up travelling back to Calgary to be sure I got to the gallery openings. Fantastic shows going on in Calgary right now and completely amazing to travel back with Richelle and see everyone I did this weekend. A small reunion with an old friend who just arrived back in Calgary from Texas made the weekend exciting and unfortunately caused me to attach to the city in a way I never thought possible. I know now that in the future when I choose? to leave it will not be as easy as I once thought it might be.

In arriving back to Banff, I was able to bring much of my supplies from home so I can get started on my project! (I even rememebered my chargers for both cameras) So below you can find some images from the last week or so. I have organized the mechanics and slowly my brain is opening up once again to the world of motors, servos, positive, ground, and bread boards. Cant wait, I am starting with something called a geneva gear. I need to actually create the gear before I go anywhere. Oh, and I need to find mirror/mirrors/mirror like products. Any ideas?

Today was our first day of formal seminar with LUM. All I can say is I feel unworthy, and much more research and preparation will need to be done on my part to anticipate the questions and conversations for these discussions. I will have to really work on my memory skills which I feel is a battle I have been recently avoiding. Again, it will be a struggle keeping up with the fabulous minds surrounding me here. I question why I am an artist, but perhaps that is a good thing?

The Drive from Calgary

My room? I cant believe how nice they are. They make my bed for me everyday... I am spoiled rotten here

This is my studio?! Its massive! Apologies for the orientation of the picture, my computer is being snooty.
 This is the building my studio is in, right above the Walter Phillips Gallery and right below the rockies
This was my drive back last night. Full moon, no wonder I am questioning everything right now.


  1. Wow Meagan... I am so, so proud of you and love you and your strength so much! Just amazing. Please quit the self depecrating - you are every bit as worthy as all others there: you were chosen, weren't you?? Think of all the ways and words there are to convey the message "I love you" - and remember you don't have to say a single thing to let somebody know that you do.

    Mirrors??? Well obviously tin foil - but think of all the different kinds of foods that reflect images. You were kind of vague, so can't offer much more.

    I am feeling so stupid now, because I check your blog every day and I only ever saw the same post then realized that I had to click on the archive to see more.... duh! I liked your New York blog style better.

    Love you and am thinking of you every day, all day.

  2. P.S. - They make your bed EVERY DAY?? Do they do your laundry? If they supply meals too, let me know - I might apply! And to add another thought.... those that tend to use obscure and ostentatious verbalizations are frequently much more insecure that those that will just call a spade, a ..... spade. xox