Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Space Time Delusion

My week in Banff :) This wasn't even accurate, it was more like -30 since Sunday. Had a cold drive back from Calgary Sunday night, but with some good company. Dreamweaver was a trooper.

Posted on our bulletin board.

I had some company during breakfast on Saturday. The best part was the deer actually using the pathway and stairs to travel down to our plateau where the first deer was.

Some interesting things happening in my studio. Which now has heat, just in time too.

Couscous Tuesday with Richelle! An apple and blood red orange couscous with dried cranberries, almonds, and spices.

Had the chance to see one of the great shows here a the Banff Centre put on by one of the other residencies, it was a puppet residency. They had two intensive weeks to learn/make/perform puppetry. It was a fantastic performance and they actually were not allowed to have open dialogue, the language was within the movements of their bodies and enacting them within the puppets. I cannot even describe some of the amazing moments of pure brilliance in the ability to give an inanimate object life.

The seminars have been going good, Monday we covered a lot of ground in the excerpt from Greenblatts text Marvellous Processions. It was a really interesting read in a historic sense but its crossover to the way we understand image and culture is quite concerning and opened up a great dialogue within the class.

Monday w/Greenblatt
New Historicism being a new way of understanding the histories of art in the context of not just the artwork itself but also bringing into relevance the things that were outside of the frame that influenced its creation. Such as politics, race, location, material accessibility...etc. Surprisingly, this is a newer concept.
Anecdote Understanding what an anecdote is... perhaps my blog is a form of anecdote
UR moments
Being faced with opaque language
Treasures for trifles
Lessons in relationship to otherness in terms of art today
There will always be limits in art, we must know what they are and at that point also thoroughly understand how they work and function

Wednesday: Open dialogue
Understanding a decade: 1960
Pop art - Minimalism - Conceptualism
Conventions - Tendencies - Movements
Ahistoricism - fetish of the new
European vs American regarding movements tendencies and conventions
Media Specificity

Now I am off to create a delicious dessert for a group dinner with Lum and the gang...

One Day
To Day
Yester Day
Some Day
If everything were connected
and you
and I
made sense

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