Thursday, 26 January 2012

Off the Grid

What a busy time it has been! Many things to report, but without an internet connection for about 3 days I was left without. So this will be a great time to reflect as I reach the mid point of the residency.

Well after the excitement of arts birthday and dinner with LUM I was about to leave for Calgary and my little dreamweaver wasnt having it. She didnt start up all weekend :( I think it was an issue of some condensation in the lines because after an entire morning of attempting to get her going nothing was working. So I instead caught a ride in to Calgary with a gentleman who is working as a work study here at the gallery... very generous of him. We ended up all going to the Ian Baxter& installation at the Glenbow, but I have to admit that I was much more excited to see Laurie Andersons work, incredible installation. Of course, there was Edward Burtynsky there as well and his work is alwasy interesting to see.

Ended up catching a ride back home with Stephanie (thanks again steph!) just in time to see a screening of a movie from LUMs private collection. He is showing movies every Sunday night here that are rare art movies from all diferent eras. This past Sunday he showed The House Maid by IM Sang-soo I believe. Great movie, created some contraversial convesation afterward.

Monday we were reading Walter Mignolo Bilanguaging Love: Thinking between languages. This was one of my favorite readings this far. I really enjoyed the ideas Mignolo brought up about colonialzation and the way it changed language, as we still change it today. Bilanguaging is not to be confused with bilingual. It is a mixing of languages to create a third catagory. I enjoy these ideas as I am somewhat applying them withinmy work, more so as material mixed with language creating a third language.

LUM hosted a chinese new year dinner just last night for everyone here at the Banff Centre. Truly amazing kindness for him to celebrate with us. He made 6 courses! I dont even know if I can remember them all, we had shrimp with tomatoe sauce, fried rice, teryaki chicken wings, pork with cabbage, some of the ladies in the residency made dumplings, I made a coconut quinoa salad dont ask me how that is chinese... and then we had a red bean dessert with red bean cakes. SO GOOD!

Earlier that day I got to do some RAKU here at the centre. RAKU is a form of pottery making, so I decided to give it a try. I attmepted to make a small watering pot for my small plant that was gifted to me on my house warming in Calgary... Lets just say that it has struggled to stay alive with me. I thought I would have no problem keeping a plant alive. I thought wrong. So this small pot (if it makes it through the firing) will help sustain this poor life that was left in my hands. Turns out I am equally awful at RAKU as I am with sustaining plant life.

Today I was locked out of the shop (where most my project is) so I worked in my studio a bit. It has been nice to have two worlds to work in. If one is not working or their happens to be a certain distraction there, I can just seclude myself in the other world. Turns out this distraction has become overwhelming and I must not focus on it, although it is hard not to. The lack of discussing this distraction is necessary.

I will blog again before Sunday, with pictures, and more time to elaborate as I am somewhat caught up on my doings now.

When did I lose it
That part of me
That loved you
I fear that it is not lost

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