Monday, 2 January 2012

Twas the night before Banff...

Twas the night before Banff
And my head was a mess
Not a single thing was organized
Not even my proposed projects!

But I managed my budgets
And showered to prepare
For 7 weeks alone
In the midde of no where

My things were still packed
From christmas in the valley
But unfortunately for me
I still have laundry!

Pulling things together
As I somehow always do
I remembered to start a blog
To keep in touch with all of you

So here you will find
daily updates of my course
Lots of photos of adventures
And, well, a source

To know I am still alive
That I havnt fallen off the grid
To also keep in touch
And to keep me motivated

Thanks to all of you
For helping me along this ride
My time in Banff now awaits
So Im off! Au Revoir Calgary, Goodbye!

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